Answered By: Aaron Dobbs
Last Updated: 2014.Aug.14     Views: 262

To access the Chronicle from your iPad, you can use the Chronicle iPad app (sorry, no Android app yet) or a web browser.

On Campus:

The easiest way is to bring your iPad to campus, hit the Chronicle website, and click the "Create a Free Account" link to setup your account, making sure to use your Ship email address. Once you’ve done that, you can download the Chronicle iPad app and login and you’re done!

Off Campus:

If you want to do this from off-campus, go the library’s database list, go to the “C” tab, scroll to the Chronicle entry and click it, use your Ship email and password to access the Chronicle, create your Chronicle account… etc. as above from on campus.

Nota Bene:

Note that the iPad app basically downloads the entire copy of the Chronicle to your iPad so you can read it even if you have no internet connection.

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