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Printing in color from inside the library should be pretty straightforward:

  • Go to: Start > Devices and Printers 
  • Right click the "Library_SingleSided_COLOR" printer
  • Set as Default Printer
  • Then print as normal from your program

Printing in color when you're not in the library (or if the printer above isn't listed) is still pretty easy:

  • Go to:
  • Login with your Ship account
  • Upload the file you want to print
  • Check the box next to the file(s) you want to print
  • In the bottom right corner choose your printer settings
    • Color or B&W
    • Slides per page
    • Single- or Double- sided
    • Number of Copies

After you have completed the steps above, you will need to go to a color printer release station. There is one on the Lower Level Left of Lehman Library. Swipe your ID at the Release station, select the print jobs you want to release, and then pick up your print job from the printer.

Please note that if you choose to print in color and then try to print at a B&W printer the file probably won't show up in the list of available print jobs. 

Please let us know at the Technology Help Desk in the library if you have trouble with your print job!

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