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  • If a course is closed and you must take the course for the upcoming semester to fulfill requirements of your program of study, use myShip to sign up for the class waitlist. 
  • Log in to myShip
  • Click on the Students tab.
  • Click on My Academics.
  • Click on Add or Drop Classes from the Registration Tools section.
  • If prompted, select the appropriate term.
  • Search for the class for which you would like to register.
  • If the class is closed, it will be indicated by “C.”  If the class has a waitlist, it will be indicated if the “WL Cap” is greater than 0.
  • Note the course registration number (CRN) for that class.
  • Manually enter the CRN in the Add Classes Worksheet section of the Add or Drop Classes form.
  • In the Action drop-down menu, select Waitlist.
  • You MUST select Submit Changes to submit your waitlist request.
  • Verify the course appears as a waitlisted course.
  • If you no longer need a course for which you have waitlisted, you may use the Add or Drop Classes form to drop the class from the waitlist.
  • Signing up on the waitlist does NOT guarantee you a seat in the course.  You will be notified by email if space become available in the class and you are being moved from the waitlist to the class.
  • If there is no waitlist for a course you feel you must take, contact your advisor to discuss your options.

Source: Office of the Registrar. Contact: 717-477-1381,

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