Answered By: Aaron Dobbs
Last Updated: 2014.Aug.14     Views: 942

It turns out the "Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents" is in one of our EBSCO databases. Here's the link to browse this Journal title:

In the assignment example there are several errors including:

  • Incorrect author statement
  • Missing Article/Document title
  • Incorrect date of publication
  • Missing publisher statement

Here's the correct citation for the first article from the example:

Clinton, W. J. (1998). The President's Radio Address. Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, 34(34), 1637. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Comments (1)

  1. Any of the Article records at that link (above) will also offer a "Cite" function to generate a "mostly correct" APA Style citation
    by Aaron Dobbs on 2011.Oct.12

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