Answered By: Michelle Foreman
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Hello!  I'm one of the librarians at Shippensburg University, and I think I can help you with your question.

Apomixis involves asexual reproduction, and basic information on the topic can be located in a variety of databases.  BioOne.1 and Biology Abstracts are two good biology databases to use for your research. They can be located by clicking on the link on the library's home page for "Library Databases A-Z," under "Library Resources."  This takes you to an alphabetical listing of our databases from which you can select these and run searches for Apomixis.  Academic Search Complete is also a database that is useful for a wide range of research topics.

However, your question involves a focus on the importance of apomixis.  To answer this, I would look to many reoccurring terms that arise in your search results.  You will notice that the terms "genetic diversity," "evolution," and "breeding systems" arise frequently.  With apomixis, reproduction occurs without genetic change.  If Apomixis involves reproduction without sharing genes from two sources, what importance might that have in relation to the key terms that arise frequently in your results?  You might want to refine your search by adding some of these key terms and see what important role apomixis plays.

Please feel free to respond if you need more assistance!

Thank you,

Michelle Foreman

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