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Browser Support


Note:  Safari for windows is not support.

Browser Status 
 Internet Explorer 10  Investigation
 Internet Explorer 9  Supported (recommended)
 Internet Explorer 8  Supported
 Internet Explorer 7  Maintenance
 FireFox (newest)  Investigation
 FireFox 7.0  Supported (recommended)
 FireFox 6.0 Supported
 Firefox 5.0  Supported
 Firefox 4.0  Maintenance
 Chrome (newest)  Supported

Mac OS X

 Browser  Status
 Firefox (newest)  Investigation
 Firefox 7.0  Supported (recommended)
 Firefox 6.0  Supported
 Firefox 5.0  Supported
 Firefox 4.0  Maintenance 
 Safari 5.1  Supported
 Safari 5.0  Supported
 Safari 4.0  Supported

Note:  If you have installed FireFox 8-10 and want to downgrade to FireFox 7, which is the latest supported broser for FireFox please visit FireFox older browsers Mac.

Mobile Web

 Operating system/browser version  Status
 iOS 3 (Safari)  Supported
 iOS 4 (Safari)  Supported
 Android 1.5  Supported
 Android 2.1  Supported
 Android 2.2  Investigation
 Android 3.x   Unsupported
 Blackberry 6  Supported

The above mentioned products and/or services retain their trademarks and copyrights where applicable.

Status Definition


The browser is recognized and under consideration by Desire2Learn, but has not been tested against any versions of Desire2Learn products and may never be fully supported. This category is mainly used for new browsers that have a significant user base, good vendor support, and are generally considered as candidates for future Desire2Learn support.


The browser and operating system combination has been fully tested by Desire2Learn.


The browser is not tested against new versions of Desire2Learn products, but customers can still report problems and receive support for previous versions. A browser goes into maintenance either when a vendor officially ends support for it or Desire2Learn decides to end support for it. A maintenance browser becomes officially unsupported after one year.

Unsupported (-)

The browser is not tested and no fixes are performed for unsupported browsers. Desire2Learn does not guarantee any product functionality and offers no support for reported problems. Generally, Desire2Learn ends support for a browser one year after the associated vendor ends their official support for it.

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