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  • If you wish to deduct any scholarships or third party financial aid that is not currently showing on the online bill, you must print out the online bill, make a notation of the aid being deducted, and mail the bill with remaining amount due to the Student Accounts Office.  You may still pay the net amount online if you prefer; however, you must mail in the bill to show the deductions you made to the payment amount.
  • Students who are sponsored by a third party employer, government, military or outside organization, for all or a portion of tuition and fees, can have the third party billed directly by submitting sponsor-required paperwork or a letter from the sponsor to the Student Accounts office.  The letter must state the specific charges the sponsor will pay and the name and address where the bill should be sent.  The student must pay any remaining portion of the bill by the original due date stated on the bill.
  • Students who receive direct employer reimbursement who wish to defer payment of tuition must complete an EMPLOYER REIMBURSEMENT TUITION DEFERMENT APPLICATION form.  This form is located at Tuition only can be deferred and all fees must be paid.  The $100 late fee will apply to students who do not pay the fees or who mail the completed form to the Student Accounts Office AFTER the bill due date.
  • Graduate students who have been approved for Grad Assistantships may deduct the amount of tuition from their online bill before submitting payment.  Grad assistantships do not cover fees.
  • If you will be using a college savings plan to pay all or a part of your online bill, a copy of the online bill must be returned to the Student Accounts Office with paperwork showing the amount to be received from the plan.  You may take a deduction for the approved amount you will receive and pay any difference due.
  • Please note that students are ultimately responsible for full payment of their tuition and fees should any third party sponsors, donors or employer fail to remit payment on their behalf.

Source: Student Accounts. Contact: 717-477-1211,

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