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You are encouraged to complete any required developmental-level courses prior to the beginning of your first semester at SHIP. This will save you time and money. Contact the Placement Testing Office for options. You will be pre-registered into appropriate developmental courses. When you take required developmental course(s) will be determined by what is most appropriate for your academic progress.   Basic Writing (ENG050) should be completed during the first semester. Developmental Reading and Study Skills (RDG050) should be completed during the first semester.  The scheduling of developmental math (MAT 050) will be determined by your choice of a major or area of interest. Please note: credits earned in developmental courses are included in determining a student’s class standing, and the grades are computed in the student’s quality grade point average; however, these credits do not count toward the total number of credits required for graduation. Source: Office of the Registrar. Contact: 717-477-1381,

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