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A minimum of 120 credits to graduate.    

Some majors may require more than 120 credits.

Students who take developmental-level courses (e.g. 050) will complete more than 120 credits since developmental-course credits do not count toward graduation credits. Each course is assigned a credit value that typically identifies how many hours each week the class meets. A 3-credit course meets 3 hours a week. Some courses may be 4 credits and would meet 4 hours each week. So, to graduate from SHIP, you will take around 40 courses.


The 120 credits will consist of:

  • General Education Courses – 48 credits
  • Major Courses – credits vary according to major
  • Minor or free elective courses – varies according to program of study

Source: Office of the Registrar. Contact: 717-477-1381,

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