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You will hear various truths and myths in answer to this question.  Some professors will require attendance and others may not..   Various professors may factor class attendance in the final grade, or they may have a policy that after so many absences a student automatically fails the course.  Professors will present material in class that won’t be found in textbooks, and it’s up to you to obtain that information.   It is important to understand that there is no substitute for attending class.   A high correlation exists between class attendance and academic success.   Simply put – if you want to succeed at SHIP, go to every class. If it is necessary to miss a class period, notify your professor in advance.  If a health, family, or personal issue arises, you must submit documentation to your dean.  The dean will then inform your professors. Be sure to verify your professors’ attendance policies. First Day Attendance Policy: There is a university policy that if a student misses the first day of class (in any semester) the professor may elect to drop the student from the course. Source: School of Academic Programs and Services. Contact: 717 477-1395,

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