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International students are required to demonstrate financial independence by submitting the following:

  • Statement of Financial Support. This form is completed by whoever is financially supporting the student. This could be the student, parents, spouse, religious organization, community group, friend, etc. This form can also be accessed here on the right hand column under “Forms for International Graduates”.
  • Bank statement from your sponsor. Your sponsor or sponsors should provide certified bank statement(s) showing sufficient minimum financial support. You may use multiple bank accounts to show the minimum support necessary.
  • Earnings statement from employer. The sponsor must provide a letter from their employer confirming their employment, pay-rate, and length of employment. If the sponsor is self-employed a letter explaining their business and income level is required. If the student is self-supporting this should be marked on the statement of financial support.
  • Any and all scholarship information from your country. If you have a scholarship that provides full support including any living expenses, insurance, and other needs this may exempt you from needing to submit the above. Source: The School of Graduate Studies. Contact: 717-477-1148,

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