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Two steps – one with several sub-steps followed by a really easy step 

  1. Add your item to your “Ares Course”
    • Login to (use your ship email credentials)
      • If this is your first time, please fill out your profile information
    • Click “Create a New Course” on the left column under Instructor Tools
      • Course Name, Number (SWK420 is the commonly used format), your name (Last, First), Department, and Course Semester are required fields
      • Generally we advise not setting a course password
    • Click “Create Course”
    • Click “Add Reserve Items” in the left column
      • Select material type (Book), select a loan term (we suggest 3 hours for textbooks on reserve), fill in the item information (red asterisks are required info)
    • Click Submit Item
  2. Now the easy step:
    Bring your item to the library circulation/reserves desk and tell them you would like to drop of your item to put on Library Reserve.

Also, here is the Library Reserves page with a faculty overview:

Here is the Library Reserves page for students:

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