Answered By: Aaron Dobbs
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This sounds like a familiar assignment, our general advice is to search for background information on whatever type(s) of food you have chosen. Let's say you want to know about the history or [your food here]. We have databases by three different encyclopedia publishers that will be relevant for searches like this: Gale Virtual Reference Library, Oxford Reference Online, and Sage Knowledge eBooks. Here's the process I follow when I'm using these:

  • search [your food here]
  • look at the names of the encyclopedias that are listed in the results
  • If I were looking for hamburger, for example, I would look for something like the Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 
    • If I saw an entry from something like Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War I would not choose that one, since it will likely focus on Hamburger Hill (a battle) rather than food
  • When I find something that looks useful, I usually
    • Download (and save somewhere I can find it) the article
    • Get the correct citation (and save it in a place I can find it)
    • There are buttons to do this in the top navigation header

Thanks for asking!



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