Answered By: Kirk Moll
Last Updated: 2015.Mar.25     Views: 239

Unfortunately, it would double the price of our campus license if students, faculty, and staff were permitted to download SPSS to their personal devices. The software is available throughout the campus on campus-owned computers. 

For those who really need personal computer access, the current option is to purchase a 6 or 12 month “GradPack” license for SPSS, which is essentially a rental of the software program.  Our partnership with Kivuto (who provides the Adobe software for faculty/staff) offers this by visiting their portal at  A 6-month license for SPSS ranges from $40-$55 (depending on the version you choose), and a 12-month license ranges from $73-$107.  There may also be student discounts for SPSS on other [public] web sites.

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